“No one” can simply ban a referendum on Catalan independence


“No one” can simply ban a referendum on Catalan independence, says FT International Affairs Editor David Gardner.

The International Affairs Editor at the Financial Times (FT), David Gardner, said in an interview with the CNA that Spain should offer Catalonia a “political and legal way” to decide on its constitutional future. Failing to do so could cause a “constitutional crisis” in Spain, which would add to the current economical and social problems and make the situation even more unstable. Gardner warned that “no one” can simply ban a democratic referendum in Catalonia, therefore suggesting that constitutional arrangements in Spain should be changed to accommodate Catalans’ desire to have their say.

Gardner admitted being surprised by the Spanish government’s negative reaction to the call for a referendum in Catalonia, saying no such a thing has happened in the UK with Scotland. “Almost all the British establishment is against independence for Scotland. But not a single serious person has ever raised their voice to say: ‘You cannot vote’”, he stated.

Gardner, who was the FT Spanish correspondent in the seventies and eighties and has lived in Barcelona, Madrid and the Basque Country, said that the political transition in the country was “incomplete”. “All political transitions are incomplete, they are so difficult in that they imply compromises that can never satisfy everyone”, he argued.

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