Scottish independence: Proposal to retain welfare set-up


A welfare working group is to recommend Scotland shares the administration of pensions and benefits with the rest of the UK in the event of independence.

It is thought the Scottish government, which commissioned the report, is sympathetic to the idea.

A large proportion of welfare payments are processed in Scotland, including about a fifth of all state pensions.

The SNP has already indicated it would continue to share a monarch and a currency if there was a “yes” vote.

The Expert Working Group on Welfare was set up January 2013 to look at the costs and delivery of welfare in an independent Scotland.

In its first official report, it is expected to say that it would also make sense to keep the existing set-up for delivering pensions and benefits in the event of a “yes” vote in next year’s referendum.

The Scottish government is likely to back the idea for a transitional period, as long as it would not tie them into policies which they oppose, such as recent housing benefit cuts.

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