Nazi Victims’ Association Wants Resignation of Spanish Govt. Representative in Catalonia


The Nazi extermination camp victims’ association, Amical de Mauthausen, has demanded the resignation of the Spanish Government’s Delegada, or representative, in Catalonia, Maria de los Llanos de Luna. The Delegada recently awarded a certificate of merit to the members of the Division Azul, a Spanish volunteer army division that swore allegiance to Hitler and fought on the side of the Nazis during the Second World War.

This is their press statement:

Request for the Resignation of the Spanish Government Representative in Catalonia

Barcelona, 21 of May, 2013

Only a few days ago, the Amical de Mauthausen and other camps issued a press release in which we made patent the insensitivity of the government of Spain and of its regions for the lack of initiative in organising events commemorating the liberation of Mauthausen, an extermination camp where thousands of Spanish Republicans were butchered, in obvious contrast with the attitude of other European countries, honouring the victims, including the Spanish Republicans.

Today we condemn, once again before public opinion, what we consider to be an act by the Delegada or representative of the Spanish Government in Catalonia, Ms. Maria de los Llanos de Luna, of extraordinary, grave consequence.

While in the rest of Europe the end of World War II and the defeat of National Socialism were being commemorated, just one week after the remembrance in homage to the thousands of victims murdered in Mauthausen, the Delegada honored the memory of those who had fought alongside the Nazis, something beyond comprehension in the rest of Europe.

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