The Spanish Inquisition strikes back


Author: Josep Sort

Source: Lands of Graccus

inquisició 4With the fast-like-the-wind expulsion of Mr. Noureddinne Ziani, we can say that Spain’s offensive against Catalonia’s right to decide has become an updated crusade of a new Spanish Inquisition’s XXI century-style. I think Europe should take action on this issue and not to hide in the easy, old-fashioned and convenient resource that it is an internal affaire.

I would advise Catalans MEP, who by the way, are doing an excellent job, to do even more so as their colleagues realize that over here things are happening that in any other country would be labelled as coming from Mart and that Europe must intervene in order to preserve its fundamental values. Let’s see them.

inquisició 1In March, Catalonia´s General Attorney, Mr. Martín Sol Rodríguez, resigned after being harassed not only by its superior, Spain’s General Attorney, but also by the entire catalanophobic medias and political parties. He did so in order to avoid its dismissal after defending publicly that Catalan people has the right to decide their future. Immediately he was attacked from all sides, and specially by Spain’s Ministry of Justice, headed by the Grand Inquisitor, Mr. Alberto Ruiz Gallardón. It deserves to be emphasized that Mr. Sol Rodríguez did not pronounce for or against Independence, but only in favor of the ability to vote and decide! Quite astonishing!

inquisició 2In April, Spain’s Minister of Education, the Grand Inquisitor, José Ignacio Wert, vetoed the renewal of Professor Clara Ponsatí, as Prince of Asturias Chair at Georgetown University in retaliation for her participation in an Al Jazeera video advocating for Independence. The decision was not based on educational reasons or standards, since Professor Ponsatí was highly valued in this respect, but only on strictly political arguments. In this regard, a few days later, another Grand Inquisitor, Spanish Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr. José Manuel Garcia Margalló, confirmed that the reasons for the Professor’s dismissal were fully political.

And now, in May, we have witnessed the arrest and express-expulsion to Morocco, of Mr. Noureddinne Ziani, a Nous Catalans (New Catalans) Association member, ordered by the Grand Inquisitor Mr. Jordi Fernandez Diaz, Spain’s Home Minister. A decision that is far more politically charged: Mr. Ziani is a Moroccan natural who lived in Catalonia for years and worked for the integration of Moroccans in Catalan society and for the right to decide for Catalans.inquisició3He is politically close to Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya, President Artur Mas’ political party, Spaniards accused him of being a Salafi militant. Specifically, Spain National Intelligence Agency, the CNI, acting under the political dependence of Deputy Prime Minister, and Grand Inquisitor, Ms. Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, argued that he was a danger for Spain’s National Security. In fact, this move coincides with the ongoing campaign carried out lately by Spanish extreme right (FAES) and far right (Alianza Nacional, Spain 2000 etc.) elements, consisting in associate Catalonia’s independence with Islamic yihaddism, in order to prevent United States and European Union’s empathy with it. Moreover, Mr. Ziani expulsion is a clear warning to all those “New Catalans” -foreign immigrants- who sympathize with the cause of independence. The aim is to terrorize them and prevent them to join the pro-Independence side.

Last but not least, the noisy silence of the “multicultural-always-alternative” Left with regard to Ziani case. These people, always pretending to defend immigrants rights, remained silent once the activist was arrested and expelled.They have lost all legitimacy. They act only to help those politically close, or who allow them a political benefit: pure and simple sectarianism, lefty-friendly, but sectarianism nonetheless

Back to the inquisitors. We have seen that in three months, three political reprisals. And this is just the beginning! One more reason to shorten as much as possible the process of national transition. Better to have it completed as soon as possible to prevent new Spanish Inquisition strikes!

We have to gain the victory and freedom as soon as possible!