Author: Joan Carretero

Source:  La Veu no. 24 (April 2013)

“At this stage of our country’s history, ERC cannot be focused only on overtaking CiU (electoral ‘sorpasso’) at the risk of wasting this opportunity of winning our nation’s future”

Mas_Estira_JunquerasAt last Parliament of Catalonia elections, a political party asserted to all citizens, once and again, that they were the guarantee, presumably the only one guarantee, that the process towards an independent Catalonia would not have turning back, nor would it be shaken, if they were to have enough strength as to condition the presidency and the government of Generalitat. A great number of citizens believed so and the ballots gave to that party such a large support that they became the second political force in Parliament after CiU.

Once accomplished their electoral success, all citizens watched, some with great surprise, the political show of a leader who was claiming for himself the task of leading the opposition in Parliament and, all at the same time, being the main new government’s partner. Later on we also attended the signature of a political ‘agreement on stability’ and after a few days we heard, nevertheless, on every weekend, new political statements from the same whimsical politician saying proudly that he would fight the government or would call for anticipated elections or would not approve the government’s budget.

ParlamentSenseEstanqueraIn a papier maché country as it is Catalonia, some do want us to believe that the way towards independence is parallel to that of the governability of the country so that there are no connections between them.  But a government unable to approve their budget and displaying such a great weakness cannot take on the process against the Spanish State let alone without any clear international support. As we already said before, to weaken the presidency of Generalitat does imply putting in danger the success of the task, not an easy one, aimed to the recovering of our nation’s full sovereignty.

It is also becoming quite clear that those who presented themselves as the guarantee, in case of having an important electoral support, for a successful national process towards independence now seem to be, with only little room for doubt, the real guarantee for the failure of a national dream shared by a large majority of Catalan citizens. At this stage of our country’s history, a party like ERC cannot be focused only on an eventual electoral ‘sorpasso’ as trying to overtake CiU puts at risk the very best opportunity we have of winning our national future. If we fail some patriot country fellows will never forgive them.

(Translation: JTN)