The unilateral declaration of independence, the only valid roadmap


Source: RCAT web team

Catalonia’s sovereignty should not be declared but exercised

independènciaThe so called “Autonomous Community of Catalonia” has no national sovereignty. The Declaration of Sovereignty of Catalonia approved by Parliament has been revoked and suspended by the Spanish Constitutional Court on the grounds that the one and only national sovereignty belongs to Spain.

This was not only predictable, but it is legally flawless in the Spanish context.

An autonomous community is not a nation, and therefore has no sovereignty. Catalonia’s independence process cannot continue on this path. Being an autonomous region, it cannot declare national sovereignty within Spanish legal system, it cannot organize a referendum on Catalonia´s independence. It is not possible inside of an alleged federal Spain.

Catalonia’s sovereignty should not be declared, instead, it must be exercised. Catalonia will get sovereignty when it will want to be an independent state. Until that time comes, the only ones that suspend the Catalan national sovereignty are the Catalans themselves when refusing to exercise it.

Mas_ParlamentSince its inception Reagrupament stated that the unilateral declaration of independence is the only valid roadmap. To be able to consult the Catalan people, we must first provide ourselves with a new legal system that allows for it.

We believe that with this suspension we must abandon the step by step policy. The Spanish rejection becomes evident and also the current Catalan parliamentary majority.

The time for the unilateral declaration of independence has arrived, in order to use a new democratic judicial framework to exercise our democratic right to decide.

The future is ours!

(Translation: EM)