Spanish Government Hommages Nazi Soldiers and funds Nazi Association


Source: GTIR

nazis soldiersSpanish government has decided not to reprove its representative in Catalonia, Mrs. Maria Llanos de Luna for paying hommage to spanish nazi soldiers that participated during the II World War in the USSR nazi invasion, under the orders of Adolf Hitler. 25.000 nazi spaniards fought in the Leningrad front. Thousands of them fell in action or were captured by soviets and were kept in Siberia prisoners camps. Just a few of them survived and were freed in 1955.

Mrs. Llanos de Luna gave a distinction to one of the few still alive nazi militants in a ceremony held last week in Catalonia’s Guardia Civil Headquarter located in Sant Andreu de la Barca. The old man was dressed in official nazi spanish uniform.

blaudivisionEven though public opinion in Catalonia was scandalised, Madrid government has supported its representative arguing that in the same ceremony a veteran of the Spanish Republican Army was also distinguished (sic). Also it is important to know that in Spain a large number of streets in many cities, towns and villages are still dedicated to former Nazi soldiers and chiefs.

In the same vein, last week it was known that Spanish Government continue to fund the Nazi Veterans Association and also the Francisco Franco Foundation with public money.