Aragon’s Parliament renames Catalan language spoken in its territory with the acronym ‘LAPAO’


Source: Catalan News Agency

catalunyadeponentAragon, a Spanish Autonomous Community between Catalonia and Navarra, has changed the name of the Catalan language, spoken in the eastern part of its territory for almost a thousand years, going against all scientific criteria. According to the new law approved on Thursday by the People’s Party (PP) – which runs the Spanish Government – and a minority regionalist party called PAR, Catalan is now called ‘LAPAO’ in Aragon, an acronym for ‘Lengua Aragonesa Propia de la Parte Oriental’. In English it would translate as ‘Aragon’s Own Language of the Eastern Part’, AOLEP. In addition, the regional parliament also changed the name of Aragonese, a minority language spoken for many centuries in Aragon’s Pyrenean valleys. Now, Aragonese is called LAPAPYP, an acronym for ‘Lengua Aragonesa Propia de la Areas Pirenaicas Y Prepirenaicas’ (in English: Aragon’s Own Language of the Pyrenees And Pre-Pyrenees Areas, AOLPAPA). (read more and more)