Values that should prevail


Author: Rut Carandell, RCAT Vice-president

Source: La Veu de Reagrupament, n. 23

Independence, democracy and jobs are today’s topics around which politics and citizen’s concerns evolve

April 2nd. , 2013


Currently, both the Spanish Crown and the President of the Government are accused of embezzlement.

The roadmap to independence, due to the acts of this undemocratic state, necessarily means that the only way left is an unilateral declaration of independence.

Three years ago Reagrupament went to elections with a program which was completely innovative and ahead of its time. Events have shown that this program concentrated the three issues that are touchstones of the viability of our future: Independence, democracy and jobs.

Independence, democracy and jobs are today’s topics around which politicians and citizen’s concerns evolve. The problem, however, is that parties with parliamentary representation, despite being forced by the people to respond to their demands, are not facing issues in a straight forward manner and lack effective proposals to move towards independence, democratic regeneration and the excellence that will enable us to move towards a truly democratic and competitive state. Many politicians pretend to launch anti-corruption measures, but either are vague or remain far away from those for which we stand for which imply a genuine democratic regeneration program, incorporating measures of transparency, freedom of expression, political funding, incompatibilities, ethics, in short a profound reform of the democratic system through a new electoral law and anti-corruption measures.

carandell3Corruption is becoming an economic burden for our future. During last Sunday demonstration against unemployment, unions have recognized complained against corruption which is appearing as a structural factor of Spanish institutions. Now, both the crown and the president of the Spanish government are accused of embezzlement. Recently the Chief Public Prosecutor of Catalonia has been dismissed following statements in favor of the Catalans and their right to decide, furthermore, the attempts by the Spanish Constitutional Court to repeal a declaration of sovereignty by the Catalan Parliament implies that the roadmap to independence, due to the will of such an undemocratic state, will necessarily go through the only way that is left to us: an unilateral declaration of independence.

Going a step ahead our proposals gives us the responsibility to share them with all parties, public and social organizations in order for them to incorporate them into their programs. Such a role requires perseverance, conviction and maximum cross-spreading of ideas. I am convinced that, thanks to the anti-democratic behavior of the Spanish state against Catalonia many people otherwise indifferent will realize that the only way their freedom can be guaranteed is by creating a new state that will not repeat the failures of actual Spanish State. A new advanced democratic state, with preventive measures to fight corruption, where hard work and excellence are rewarded. A new state in which its citizens can be treated with all the resources they generate thanks to transparency, justice and the proper use of public money.

Democracy and independence will be on the same side, democracy will unite us. On the opposite side, Spain and its colonial and undemocratic ways … The conviction that personal freedom can only be guaranteed with national freedom shall prevail.

(Translation: EM)