The Catalan Government attracted 37% more foreign investment in 2012 than in the previous year


Source: CNA

MobileWorld-73243147 foreign investment industrial projects, bringing in €331.88 million, landed in Catalonia last year through ‘Invest in Catalonia’, a programme from the Catalan Government. The investment amount is 37% larger than that in 2011, as was announced on Monday by the Catalan Business and Employment Ministry. The 47 projects created 2,324 new jobs and they also allowed companies to keep 2,566 positions. The investment from Germany, France and Japan were those creating more jobs. Furthermore, 33% of the jobs are in the Information and Communication Technologies sector and 28.5% in the automotive sector. Besides, also on Monday, the Spanish Ministry for the Economy and Competitiveness announced that the total foreign investment in Spain dropped by 43%. However, in Catalonia the reduction was only 14%. The Catalan Business Minister, Felip Puig, explained that the Spanish Ministry data includes financial investments, while the ‘Investment in Catalonia’ figures only takes into account industrial and manufacturing projects. In this vein, Puig emphasised that the Spanish Ministry’s data also stated that industrial and manufacturing investments in Catalonia increased by 6.2% and 11% respectively. Furthermore, Puig emphasised that Catalonia’s self-determination process does not affect foreign investment. (read more)