“If there’s no people outside Parliament pushing, the Parliament usually take it easy”, Joan Carretero


Source: DGS (Interview, in Catalan)

carretero-avuiDr. Joan Carretero President of Reagrupament, was interviewed by Diari Gran del Sobiranisme who recorded it in video. Carretero once again clearly showed his ideas and his view of the current political situation talking about the evolution of Catalan politics since the last tripartite, the impact of September 11th. 2012 demonstration and the cooling down derived from the results of the November 25th elections, the essential character of the unilateral declaration of independence, the right time to hold the referendum, the need of a regeneration policy also the need for a free press, and more.

The second tripartite against a national policy
  • Three and a half years ago there was still the second tripartite, refusing to talk about the national question.”
  • “With the tripartite it was fashionable to say that independence will belong to leftist parties or it would not exist at all. No. Independence will be national or it will not be at all.”
  • “It’s good that everyone joins the movement in favor of independence.”
From the enthusiasm of September 11th to November 25th cool down
  • “The September eleventh showed our will to the world. On November 25th, we pulled back.”
  • “The people of Catalonia lost an opportunity of strengthening their leader.”
  • “Now “we have no choice but to continue to support the President of the Generalitat so he can push this forward.”
  • “This is in the hands of politics, the Generalitat’s Government and the Parliament  have to move forward.”
banderes mésEssence of the unilateral declaration of independence
  • Everyone should understand from the start that the Parliament of Catalonia must declare the independence of Catalonia. I understand that in the meantime they go on trying other ways and means so nobody could blame them for not trying them before ( …), but it is evident that the Parliament of Catalonia will have to execute an act of sovereignty and say ‘we’ve come this far, we declare that Catalonia is a new state in Europe.
Referendum: ‘We are in an even situation “
  • We must convince the majority of the voters that independence is possible.”
  • “Those who are already convinced should avoid bothering newcomers to the movement.”
The need for political regeneration
  • We as Reagrupament Independentista, in the meetings we have been doing these years,  we spoke more about political regeneration than about independence.”
  • “Catalonia, immersed in Spanish State, has a very low quality of democracy and, in addition, it feels well with it.”
  • “Here the major political parties were in the hands of a few thugs, who made everyone afraid and threatened everyone.”
  • “Unless Catalonia is endowed with deep democratic structures, we shall not succeed.”
  • “We should have a society with control mechanisms closer to those of the Nordic countries.”
  • “If we fail to do so, this country will not be competitive.”
Free press, that means, not subsidized
  • There is no democratic country in the world without a free press, that means, not subsidized.”
  • “Would anyone imagine The New York Times received grants from the New York City Council?

(Translation: EM)