“UN respects self-determination processes”, UNSG Ban-Ki moon on Catalonia’s


Author: RCAT web team

Source: 3/24

Photos: Govern d’Andorra

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UN Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon when asked about current Catalonia’s process of self-determination, he answered that “UN organisation respects the processes of self-determination“. He also added to solve them with dialogue and by peaceful means.

Mr. Ban-Ki moon visited the Principality of Andorra, an independent country with a catalan culture, to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of its UN membership. The perfect response from UNSG is a significant boost to the process of exercising the right of sovereignty by the people of Catalonia. The statement becomes relevant both because the importance of the personality, a key actor in the World political scenario, and because the location, in Andorra, a country where Catalan Language is the only official languages as marks the 1993 Constitution of Andorra.


UNSG has arrived to Andorra by helicopter. Andorra’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr. Gilbert Saboya welcomed him once landed. Afterwards he has moved to the Government building to meet with Andorra Head of Government, Mr. Antoni Martí. Both politicians then have had a press conference, where UNSG has made the above mentioned statement.

(More on Andorra’s political structure)

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