“Independence would increase by 2,3 Catalonia’s budget”, Albert Macià (CCN)


Author: Albert Aragonès

Source: Rcat Barcelona


An Independent Catalonia’s budget presented in Barcelona

An Independent Catalonia will see its budget increased by 2,3 times. “From 30 bilions to 67 bilions euros”, said Mr. Albert Macià, Cercle Català de Negocis, a pro-independence businessmen association, representative.

Invited as part of “Thursday’s debates” organized by Rcat’s Barcelona branch, Mr. Macià (photo) was introduced by Rcat deputy President, Ms. Rut Carandell.

He lectured to the audience about several economic foresights which clearly indicate what the situation would be in case of Catalonia was to reach independence in 2014.


Among other data, he pointed out the following ones:

  • Catalonia’s debt would  be between  40-45%  of GDP, very low.

  • Catalonia will assume all taxes, including those now transferred to Spain.

  • Every five years half a point would be regained for each GDP point.

  • After 2016 and onwards,  Catalan  GDP would increase 4,5% every year, which is higher than UE average of 0,9% and OECDE average of 2,2%.  This would allow Catalan State to invest more in infrastructures  and even support a higher internal debt.

  • Incomes of  Generalitat  would  multiply by 2’3, growing from 30 to 67 bilion euros.

  • Catalan state debt would reach 80%, under European average of 85%. Spain’s  is now over


  • After five years Catalonia would reach surplus.

  • Catalonia could implement their own system of growth by investing  in its citizens prosperity.

  • The budget devoted to infrastructures could be doubled.

  • Catalan State would diminish tax pressure as to help families in getting more incomes and favouring our firms in their competitiveness.

  • Fiscal pressure would be less than 35%.


Mr. Macià also explained that CCN has published a report in English to give some orientation about Catalonia to all foreign investors. He said that although CEOE (Spanish employers’ organization) and Foment (big companies organization) made some criticisms to it that clearly shows they have been analyzing it and taking it into account.

(Translation: JTN)

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