Catalan Parliament musters 4/5 in favour of opening discussions with Spain on possible referendum for self-determination


The Catalan Parliament passed a motion on Wednesday to open discussions with the government of Spain for a possible democratic ballot for the self-determination of Catalonia. The proposition, which evolves on one of the points contained in the Declaration of Sovereignty approved by the by Parliamentlast January 23.

In the brief proposal passed now, the Parliament of Catalonia calls upon the Catalan government to “initiate a dialogue” with the Spanish government “in order to facilitate holding a ballot consulting the citizens of Catalonia on their future.” The text is identical to that put forth last February 26 before the Spanish Congress and was rejected (enllaç al nostre article). The episode whipped up a political storm among the socialists, as the decision by the PSC (Catalan socialists) to vote in favour of the motion in the Spanish Congress implied breaking discipline with the PSOE (Spanish socialists) group vote against.