Global Voices Can Help Explain Catalonia to the World’


Interview with Violeta Camarasa, Global Voices Online‘s Catalan-language editor.

Although Global Voices published their first Catalan-language article , the project took a year to gain momentum. Today, Global Voices Català publishes regularly, with all the rights and responsibilities as Global Voices’ other language editions. On Wednesday, February 27th, Barcelona’s Pompeu Fabra University hosted a panel discussion between Saül Gordillo , Sílvia Cobo , Cristina Vaquer (Twitter) of the collaborative reporting network People’s Witness , and Violeta Camarasa, editor of Global Voices Català.

Two Examples: Al Jazeera and The Washington Post

Global Voices Català has demonstrated over the past several months that it has the capacity to explain Catalonia to the world, supplementing the mainstream media’s historical neglect of the region. For instance:

1) Al Jazeera highlighted their coverage of Catalan politics in a The Stream show video about September 11th’s million-person protest in the context of the growing rift between Catalonia and the Spanish Government. In the video, The Stream’s host thanks Global Voices Català for calling the team’s attention to the issue with an article published days before and also through Twitter (see minutes 11.33 and 28.19).

2. In a blog post about the Cafè amb Llet affair, The Washington Post cited Global Voices articles. The blog post was later revised after Ms Camarasa critiqued the piece.

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