Spain’s Attorney General to Dismiss Catalonia’s Top Prosecutor for Backing Legal Ballot


Martin Rodriguez-Sol, appointed in July, said he supported a poll in Catalonia, as long as it was held legally.

The Spanish Attorney General, Eduardo Torres-Dulce, opened proceedings on Monday to dismiss the Chief Prosecutor in Catalonia Martin Rodriguez-Sol, which may end with his dismissal, following his recent statements on a ballot in Catalonia. In a statement, Torres-Dulce cites an article of the Organic Statute of the Public Prosecution referring to the dismissal of an appointee by the central government. In the coming days, Mr. Sol-Martinez will be called to an audience before the Fiscal Council, after which the Attorney General will be informed on the Council’s findings and will issue an opinion on the case.

It is clear the Spanish government is not happy with Prosecutors giving their legal opinions. There’s Spain’s democracy for you!

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