Spanish Parliament Vetoes Catalonia Deciding on Her Future


The Spanish parliament yesterday rejected all four proposals for resolutions proposing the Right to Self-Determination as recognised by the United Nations. The votes against came from the two major parties, the conservative Popular Party and the left-wing Spanish Socialists, who were joined by the Spanish ultra-nationalist UpD.

The proposal that received most votes in favour was that of Catalan nationalists CiU with 60 votes of a total of 350 MPs. This number was thanks to the votes of almost all of the Catalan Socialist MPs, doing so against orders from their party whip.

The proposal’s text urges the Spanish government to begin conversations with the Generalitat, the Catalan government, to make possible a ballot so the Catalans may decide on their future. No “begin”, no “conversations”, no “ballot”. Spain turned its back on these words with its restrictive vetoing Catalonia’s right to determine her future. On relevant point, however, is that 74% of MPs at the Catalan Parliament voted in favour of Catalonia’s right to self-determination. A considerable, clear, forceful vote showing that the Spanish veto faces a strong, democratic social majority in Catalonia.

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