Reagrupament was spied by Método 3 PI agency


Author: RCAT webteam

Source: El Triangle

The Agency produced a 28 pages report


Reagrupament was spied by Método 3, a PI Agency,  according to information published by El Triangle, which would have had access to a document that lists 169 investigations conducted by this agency.

The report is 28 pages long and dated in December 2009, although its content is unknown for the general public. Some of these reports are supposed to be on sale, or reached to press desks, and focus on a number of politicians, businessmen and also celebrities and gossip people.

It is said that Método 3 ex-employees are behind the list difusion and selling reports, since they were sacked unpaid. The Agency went out of business a few months ago. However a large number of questions remain unanswered right now.

People wonder why all this stuff emerges now, affecting a large number of key people in Catalonia, precisely in the very moment when Independence process is in its way.