Spain doubles Intelligence funds and plots propaganda war


Author: GTIR

Source: Nació Digital

  • Rajoy will spend 60 million on foreign information service
  • CNI (G2) budget doubled using funds extracted from Presidency Ministry

The Ministry of the Presidency, headed by Ms. Soraya Sáenz  de Santamaria, daughter of a deceased Guardia Civil general, will implement the “921Q” program which advise  23 embassies of special strategic importance and sensitivity.

Spain Emsaenz+rajoybassies in Rome, Paris, London, Brussels (Belgium), Brussels (EU), Lisbon, The Hague, Rabat, Mexico, Buenos Aires, Washington, New York, Moscow, Berlin, Cairo, Caracas, Santiago de Chile, Beijing, Brazil, Warsaw, Ankara and Tokyo. These are strategic capitals which the ministry of the presidency, will indoctrinate and report specifically on the “Spanish national political, economic and social situation“. This specifies the program 921Q “of informative coverage” that 2013 budget has funded with 60.2 million euros.

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According to the text of the program, to which Nacio Digital has had access, besides  generating information on the overseas “line of action of the Spanish government”  it will also analyze surrounding information. Thus the development of the 921Q Newsletter includes “Image of Spain” and “track coverage of matters of public interest in Spain and on Spain and abroad, even with content analysis.”

In this regard, under the command of the Technical Secretariat of State for Communication, the program provides the “documentary  and monitoring of information” concerning Spanish politics. A package which includes the sovereignty process begun in Catalonia. This information service will use official channels and is classified at the same level as the program 912Q.  The aim is to use the Spanish diplomatic service network to propagate Spanish government version of Spain’s internal crisis. In fact, this initiative coincides in time with the will of  Catalonia Government to start a program of foreign communication to promote Catalonia process to Sovereignty.

912Q Program


On top of an 11% increase in undercover activities and direct funding of the CNI (National Intelligence Center), 167.7 million euros more have been added to CNI and undercover activities.  An increase on an initial base of 203.7, which is extracted from a detailed analysis of the budget of the Ministry of the Presidency, which heads the CNI(National Intelligence Center) policy. Leaving a total of 371.4 million Euros for secret services and undercover spending, all managed by Ms. Saenz de Santamaria.

This increase of 167.7 million thus is defined as “Advice for the protection of national interests” program 912Q. According to the explanatory document of that budget allocation, to which NacióDigital has had access, “the object of this program is to meet the generic needs of the National Intelligence Centre (CNI) originated by their missions, among which are providing the Government the information and intelligence necessary to prevent any threats to the independence and integrity of Spain, protecting national interests, rule of law and institutions”.  An objective, which, in view of the sovereignty process opened in Catalonia, can provide several interpretations.

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