Letter to US Secretary of State John Kerry from a Catalan citizen


Author: Pere Torra

Source: Diari Gran del Sobiranisme (10.02.2013)

Dear Sir Secretary of State,


I just want, first of all, to congratulate you for your recent nomination and for your courage in accepting this high responsibility that was first assumed by Thomas Jefferson in the history of your great country since it conquered freedom.

I do believe that president Obama’s decision was thoroughly right in proposing you to take office given your prolonged experience and good reputation in the US Senate for 28 years; in the same way he succeeded too in nominating your immediate predecessor, Mrs. Hillary Clinton, who has left you with such high standards in developing the arduous task of representing the United States overseas at a maximum level.

pere torra

Contrary to malicious talks, you are not at all the bureaucratic type from Washington nor just the presidential candidate who could not defeat George W. Bush, but an experienced politician man with a deep inclination to public service who after visiting and stepping around all the States, during that presidential campaign, turned such experience into a lovely wonderful book devoted to the environment.  That book, This Moment on Earth , co-written together with your wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, is one full of such common sense rarely to be found in any outstanding politician. These are your words in it: “Environmental justice is based on American citizens’ simple expectancy that their government will fight and not tolerate any physical damage [as that is how you call the damage against natural environment in your book], taking into account that such fight does not imply any government’s expansion nor any government’s intrusion in private matters, just a public call for the people’s need in trusting their own democratic government”. I would eagerly like to give it, as a fine present, to some outrageous ecological activists from my country.


As a Catalan national let me also tell you about how much pleased I am for several reasons. I am glad, in the first place, that in your brilliant speech at the solemn ceremony of your taking oath, on Thursday  6th February, at the Hall of Benjamin Franklin –a name that recalls both light and democracy- you did express your commitment to democracy worldwide.  I enjoyed the moment in which you asserted, recalling the great men who established the foundations of your country, that “they did not know whether their national dream would be successful or not, they were just the kind of men who assume and face up risks. In the long run their creativity and courage, their persisting effort, resulted in a different new world, better than it had been before. This is the task we still continue to do today as to keep their promise of democracy to the next generations in our country and to all the people around the globe, at whatever corner of this world, from Tahrir Square to Southern Sudan, where other nations struggle to find their way to become free, like us, and to conquer the right of deciding by themselves on their own future”. Those were, Mr Kerry, magnificent words and you can hardly figure out how good they sound to our ears and how deeply they are shared by a Catalan fellow like myself in these parts of our old and beloved Europe. They were just a brilliant synthesis of the Catalan eagerness:  “To become a free nation again so we can decide on our own future”. As simple as that, your commitment is our commitment too.

Common  sense,  as it was vindicated by your country fellow, Thomas Paine, just before the United States were to become a free country, and above all democracy. That is all what, being so fundamental and at the same time so unfortunately rare, a great majority of Catalans want. This is not a suitable moment for us to ask you anything.  In the near future, though, we count on you and on your great people’s help in order to accomplish and make prevalent the principles of international justice concerning the human rights and also the right of all nations to be free and decide for themselves. Modestly, on behalf of my country fellow men and women, I say to you MANY THANKS in advance.

Yours faithfully,

Pere Torra, University Manager and Reagrupament member

(Translation: JJTN)