Scottish independence: ‘We’ll stay neutral,’ says US ambassador Susman


He believed it was up to people in Scotland to decide their future.

The US ambassador to Britain has told the BBC that his country would not take sides in the Scottish independence referendum debate.

Louis Susman said the Washington government was watching the debate unfold and would be staying “neutral”.

Mr Susman’s comments chime with that of ex-UN deputy secretary general Mark Malloch-Brown, who said the US would be wise to keep out of the debate.

During an interview in Edinburgh with BBC Scotland political editor Brian Taylor, Mr Susman said: “This is up for the Scottish people to decide and where their best future is for their children and their grandchildren.

“We will watch it and we won’t take sides. We are neutral and we will just have to see what will happen.

“But obviously there are ramifications either way.”

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