The Catalan Coup


Anyone relying on the anglo-media may be surprised to learn that the devolved Catalan Parliament thumbed its nose at the Spanish constitution last month (on January 23rd) by passing a resolution declaring that the people of Catalonia are sovereign:

“The people of Catalonia have, by reason of democratic legitimacy, the character of a sovereign political and legal entity.”

The Declaration of Sovereignty of the Catalan People (85 votes in favour, 41 against and 2 abstentions), is the first stage in the Catalan Government’s National Transition plan, which is claimed to be the logical next step for the Generalitat in the process of Democratic Transition which created the existing system of asymmetric devolution in the Spanish state.

This evolution of devolution is to lead to a referendum on the constitutional future of Catalonia in 2014 (the year of the proposed Scottish independence referendum), although the Spanish government maintains that the basic law of the Spanish constitution, which it has no discernible intention of amending, precludes all possibility of either secession or referendums deemed to be secessionist.

The declaration of sovereignty was jointly proposed and endorsed by the centre-right pro-independence Catalan governing party, Convergence and Union (CiU), and the main opposition party, the pro-independence Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC), plus the federalist Catalan Greens (ICV) and an element of the quaintly disunited anti-capitalist Popular Unity Party (CUP).

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