On an unusually accurate English article about the current situation in Catalonia.


Over the last few months there has been flurry or even a slew of articles about Catalonia in the English press, most of them awash with historical innaccuracies and barely disguised prejudice.

The Times’s man in Madrid, for example, informed us that in 1714 Catalonia (and the rest of the Crown of Aragon) was ‘bought’ by the Crown of Castile, which makes you wonder why parts of Barcelona were then razed to the ground, cannons pointed at its centre, and the populations of so many Catalan towns and villages decimated (perhaps the price wasn’t right); and the Guardian’s Barcelona stringer, in a piece about expats’ views on secession, interviewed five who were against it and skewed the words of the one who wasn’t. Etcetera.

So it was a pleasant surprise when, in late December, an English paper (The Times) published what is probably the best, and best-informed article so far on the situation here. Written by the columnist Matthew Parris (who has family in Catalonia and is the author of a book which concerns the area) the piece is a blistering attack on the way the Spanish government is handling Catalonia post 11/9.

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