Financial Times – Rajoy drawn into corruption scandal


Spain’s prime minister has become embroiled in a growing scandal over secret cash payments to ruling party politicians after a newspaper published what it claimed to be accounts showing payments reaching as high as Mariano Rajoy himself.

The Popular party on Thursday again firmly denied that its leaders, including Mr Rajoy, received improper cash payments funded from donations from construction companies, as flames from the corruption allegations licked at the feet of some of its most senior figures.

The PP insisted that no party leader received payments outside their regular salaries after El País, Spain’s biggest selling daily, claimed that the prime minister had received €25,200 each year since 1997 in payments made every three or six months, reproducing on its front page what it claimed to be pictures of the former PP treasurer’s accounting book.

Maria Dolores de Cospedal, the PP’s general secretary, said that the accounts published in photograph form were fake. She denied any member had been paid outside their normal salaries, and insisted no form of secret accounting had taken place.

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