Akwardly increasing unemployment rate in Spain drives Catalonia to find an emergency exit



Author: RCAT web team

Source: 3/24

Reagrupament’s motto”Independence, democracy and work” is now more inspirational than ever before

Unemployment is growing nonstop and it is almost reaching 6 million people in the Spanish State according to the last official enquiry, EPA. Last year more than 691.000 people lost their jobs and were added to the INEM statistics which now include a total number of 5.965.400 jobless workers that presently mean 26% unemployment rate. Of which more than a half remain so since long time ago. Spain is therefore in serious bankruptcy as well as Catalonia while being part of it.

Joan2This is the highest percentage since 2001. By analyzing older data and taking non comparable series going back to 1976, never since then there has been a term in which the unemployment rate grew as much as it is growing now. Actually, if unemployment does not grow even more it is just because other people go abroad and some others just leave the work market by getting pre-retired. There is now less active population; however, there is at the same time more unemployment too. The present figures show that Spain is now the EU member state with the highest unemployment rate of them all.

Reagrupament’s motto, Independence, democracy and work, is now at maximum need as those three aims have indeed all to do with our nation’s survival and prosperity.


Less unemployment in the Basque country thanks to fiscal autonomy

Catalonia’s unemployment rate is lesser than the Spanish one and nevertheless it is also much too high: almost 24% with a total number of 885.100 jobless people. In 2012 as much as 109.000 workers lost their jobs. By provinces, Tarragona is the one with the highest rate (25, 6%). Next comes Girona ( 24, 2%) and then Barcelona  (24,1%) whereas Lleida has got a lower rate (17,8%). The unemployment rate dropped in the Canary Islands where 9.800 people could get back to work. Unlikely, Catalonia, Madrid and the Balearic Island were the territories with the highest increasing rate of unemployed people.  The autonomous region with best results was the Basque country which has less than 16% unemployment rate.  At the opposite far end, Andalusia (35%) almost duplicates it.


More families with all members unemployed

Besides the very high number of jobless workers the last EPA shows another awful piece of information: there are more than 1.800.000 family homes where all members are unemployed. In 2012 the percentage of such families grew 16, 4% in relation to the previous 2011. Family homes with all members having a job diminished by 511.000 last year and now about 8.334.000 are left.

More jobs destroyed

When a firm or business has to get closed recession makes it really difficult to set up another one. Every day 535 jobs were destroyed last year in Catalonia.  In proportion three of them, out of four, belonged to private businesses and one to government or public areas. Of all destroyed jobs last year, 2 out of 3 were hold by young workers, less than 35 year old.


Youth is most penalized

More than half young people, less than 25 year old, who are seeking a job are now unemployed. If we include those under 35 the percentage reaches 42% which being a lower number it is still much alarming.  Getting access to the first job is now much more difficult and takes much longer time.

Unemployment according to sex, nationality and sectors

Unemployment does affect women more than men. The male rate went up 89 hundredth to reach 25, 6%; the female rate got increased by 1, 14% and reached 26, 5%. Unemployment grew among foreigners by 39.400 people, resulting in a 36, 5% rate which is 12% higher than the rate among Spanish citizens. Last year, though, more than 147.000 self employed workers became jobless and entered INEM statistics.

(Translation: JJTN)