Declaration of Sovereignty, for votes double against ones



Author: RCAT web team

Five Socialists MPC do not cast their vote

On the vote, which took place Wednesday 23rd, in the Parliament of Catalonia, Declaration of Sovereignty got more than double positve votes than against of the Members of the Parliament of Catalonia, MPC (85 positive, 41 against, 2 abstentions and 5 Socialist MPC didn´t cast a vote).


Although the declaration of sovereignty is only a starting point in the process and it does not change the situation in our country, the feeling of living a moment of historic significance was felt in Parliament. Therefore, once approved Long Life Catalonia cries were heard and a long and warm applause started, at the same time the PP members showing little respect and not wanting to hear the outcome of the democratic vote.

The incomprehensible attitude of the leader of the PSC, Pere Navarro, who joined the PP and Ciudadanos in their vote against sovereignty declaration, may have opened a crisis in his party, because 5 members issued negative feedback, as the socialist direction recognized.

On the evening, and to show support to the Declaration, citizens concentrated in front of a number of Catalan City Councils.

Long live to Sovereign Catalonia!

(Translation: E.M.)