Spanish offensive against attempts to internationalize Catalan process


Source: Nació Digital

According to recent news from Madrid, Mr. Rajoy will put forward a new “Foreign Actions and Service” law in order to “monitor” Spanish Autonomous Regions foreign activities.

While Artur Mas government is still pondering whether to add ‘Foreign Affairs’ to the title of the extant ‘Presidential Affairs Department’, Spain has already made its move. Catalan members of the Spanish parliament are expecting Mariano Rajoy executive to propose shortly a new regulation, the so-called “Foreign Actions and Service” law, aimed directly against the Catalan attempts to internationalize its sovereignty conflict,

According to clues that representatives from Partido Popular in the Spanish Congress have given to members of CiU, ERC and ICV-EUiA, this law will “monitor” and “control” all Autonomus Regions foreign activities. The proposed text is based on the premise that all foreign competences belong to central government, therefore all international activity led by Autonomous Regions must be subject to central supervision.

The aim of the new law is to force Regional Governments to submit their intended foreign activities to Spanish Foreign Office beforehand and wait for authorization prior to execution, in order to ‘unify goals’.

This measure is clearly an ‘ad hoc’ attempt to subdue and neutralize the aim of the Catalan government to internationalize Catalonia sovereignty conflict with Spain.

Translated by: RCat Int’l