EFA : Catalonia Begins the Process to Become a State


Catalonia sets course to exercise the right to decide, declaring its sovereignty. 
Catalonia begins the process to become a state.

Last November 25, at the Catalan elections with the greatest ever participation, the most focused on the right to decide, the citizens clearly expressed their support for Catalonia to begin a process ending in the free exercise of the right to self-determination.

The Spanish government’s persistent rejection of Catalonia’s legitimate demands for self-government, to put a stop to the massive tax plunder Catalonia is subject to, or for respect for Catalan culture and the language, have thwarted the different proposals to reach an understanding made by the Catalan institutions across the board to the Spanish institutions.

The severity of the economic crisis has made the effects of the Spanish government’s hostility still more grave: a tax deficit that is draining the Catalan economy at an annual rate of 8.5% of GDP (average over last 26 years), a reiterated breach of commitments by the Spanish state to invest in Catalonia (to the tune of €8.5bn) and the unjust distribution of budget ceilings for 2013 for the different levels of public administration (while the central government reserves a mild reduction of 16% for itself, it is demanding a 50% deficit cut from Catalonia’s government, affecting key aspects of the welfare state such as health, education and social services).

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