Why 2013 in Catalonia will be like 1775 in the United States


Catalonia is regaining independence from Spain.  But why break away now, after 299 years? Let’s compare the current Catalan situation to the American colonies just before independence.

According to the BBC, “In 1763, Americans joyously celebrated the British victory in the Seven Years’ War, reveling in their identity as Britons and jealously guarding their much-celebrated rights which they believed they possessed by virtue of membership in what they saw as the world’s greatest empire.” Yet just 13 years later, the colonies declared independence.  Why? Because Britain attempted to abolish their most-cherished rights.

In 1765 Parliament enacted the Stamp Act, in order to pay for defending the colonies. This astonished the colonists, who had democratically taxed and governed themselves for over 100 years. Suddenly they felt the empire had turned on them, robbing them of one of the freedoms they loved most: self-governance. The colonists reacted with hostility, which Parliament countered with the Intolerable Acts, 10 years of increasingly onerous laws designed to teach the colonists exactly who was in charge.  And with each new law, the colonists’ outrage grew.  In 1775, the king declared the colonies to be “in rebellion,” and the next year the colonies adopted the Declaration of Independence.

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