85/41/2, A vote for the History



Author: Josep Sort

The Parliament of Catalonia has approved a Declaration of Sovereignty with a huge support. 85 legislators voted for the Declaration, 41 against it, 2 abstentions -and 2 were absents.

Photo 23-01-2013 18 58 05

It’s a vote for the History. Almost 300 years later, when our sovereignty was eliminated by military means, Catalonia recovers its political and juridical sovereignty by democratic and parliamentary means, following the popular will expressed last November at the polls.

Now the path is wide-open to organize a popular consultation to ask Catalans about its political future. Now a second phase starts: the march for Independence. This is the only political status that will allow to master the required tools to built our future in Liberty.

Catalonia is in its way to become a new European State. And we will not fail in this process.

Visca Catalunya Lliure!

(more info to come)