What is a Declaration of Sovereignty and what is it good for?


We explain the consequences of a vote like the one that is proposed for the Parliament of Catalonia

The Parliament of Catalonia wants to vote on a declaration of sovereignty before the end of the month. Nevertheless, the political debate has created some confusion about the extent and the value of such a declaration. We offer here some answers to the most frequent questions.

What is a Declaration of Sovereignty?

Normally, a declaration of sovereignty is made by a group of humans, a nation, that declares to the world that from that moment forward they are the subject of sovereignty, that is, that they don’t recognize any other sovereignty to be superior to that of their own people.

Is a Declaration of Sovereignty the same as a Declaration of Independence?

Not necessarily. Often a declaration of sovereignty comes before one of independence. It’s logical that a people first declares that it is sovereign and then specifies how it wishes to exercise that sovereignty. But it turns out that declarations of independence often come about abruptly, and therefore, sometimes a single document serves both functions.

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