What’s up with Catalonia


Project description

This is a crucial moment in Catalonia’s history. Thanks to the massive demonstration on Catalonia’s National Day, September 11, 2012 in favor of independence, and to the parliamentary elections in November, the world is paying attention—more than ever before—to what’s going on in Catalonia. Catalonia has been in the press more frequently than ever in the last few months. But too often, the image portrayed is one of selfishness and debt. We know that there’s a lot more to the story.

Instead of complaining about slanted, superficial articles, we think that now that the world is listening, it’s a good time to offer an alternative: a book titled, “What’s Up With Catalonia?” with 35 essays on Catalonia’s economy, history, language, culture, and political situation, written by experts, for a non-Catalan audience, and translated into English. We’ll explain just what’s going on in Catalonia.

It’s not that the outside world can solve Catalonia’s problems or that Catalonia should depend on outside help in its struggle for independence. We tried that before. Nevertheless, it’s undeniably better if the world knows what’s happening in Catalonia: there will be better understanding and more sympathy if they know that it’s a lot more than just a squabble over taxes. This book is our opportunity to explain our side of the story.

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