Dr. Moisès Broggi (1908-2012), Rest in Peace



Author: Josep Sort

After a life devoted to the Medecine and to humanitarian causes, Dr. Moisès Broggi i Vallès has just passed away at 104.


He was International Brigades chief medical officer during the Three Years War (1936-39). His team innovated in Military Medical Science and Management, when they opted to establish Field Hospitals near the front in order to save lives thanks to immediate intervention. Thanks to this, deceases dropped in some treatments by 90%. This technique of immediate intervention was lately adopted during the Second World War. It can be said, then, that Dr. Broggi and colleagues work and dedication saved thousands, may be milions of lives all around the World.

Dr. Broggi inspired one of Ernest Hemingway‘s literary characters.

During the Francoist dictature, Dr. Broggi was depurated and sidelined.

Dr. Broggi was a proud member of Reagrupament Independentista (RCAT), and he always claimed for the Independence of Catalonia. To reach it, he publicly asked for the unity of all the pro-independence groups, to create a transversal movement.

Dr. Broggi rest in Peace. You deserved it, and even though you won´t see the Independence in person, it is sure that in that day you will be in the hearts and minds of those who declare it.