Brussels is hostile to Scottish independence ‘because it is weak’

Alex Salmond’s case for independence has been struck a severe blow by José Manuel Barroso, but why is the EU so nervous, asks the European Policy Centre.

The unfolding controversy over a future independent Scotland’s status within Europe has reached a crisis point for the Scottish government: in the dispute with commission president José Manuel Barroso, the credibility of a significant chunk of its case is at stake.

But within this crisis are unanswered, pivotal questions which could allow the first minister, Alex Salmond, some wriggle room. And there is one puzzle: why would the European commission be getting so involved at this stage, two years before the referendum?

One possible answer to that comes up in a thinktank discussion paper published in October by the pro-EU integration European Policy Centre. It says Brussels is unnerved by the dangers an independent Scotland poses to its integration project. It will, the commission fears, simply accelerate a two-tier Europe.

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