European Citzens’ Initiative

An European Citzens’ Initiative (ECI) aiming to guarantee automatic EU membership of Catalonia in the future

Joan Carretero

On behalf of a committee composed by citizens of seven different countries in the EU, Dr. Joan Carretero, president of Reagrupament Independentista, presented this afternoon in Barcelona an European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) in order to guarantee EU’s support to maintain European Citizenship to all citizens on any new states that may be created in the future as a result of the secession on any territories formerly belonging to current EU member states.

What really matters, according to Dr. Carretero, is precisely to fully respect the sovereignty of the citizens in any secession process within the territories of the states which already belong to the European Union and to protect consequently the democratic principles, aims and values to be found and assumed in all EU Treaties.

Actually, such an Initiative will have to be supported at least by one million European citizens before the European Commission can take it into consideration prior to develop the required regulations in order to give recognition as an EU member to a new state created by a democratic secession process within the territories of any previous UE states. As modifications of the EU Treaties will not, in any case, be accepted a new legislation ought to be developed.

Reagrupament’s president insistently emphasized that the recollection of signatures can also be done online, with the help of internet, and no witness bearers will be needed since the European Union gives full support to ICT means as new tools to deepen democracy.

The supporting signatures must be collected at least in seven different EU countries and each one will have to furnish a minimum amount of them to which the rest will be added. Besides Joan Carretero, the other members of the Committee come from and represent Luxembourg, France, the United Kingdom, Finland, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Reagrupament’s National Executive members are also taking part in it. If the application to register the ECI was to be accepted (The European Commission will decide on this until 31st May) the applicant Committee will have then twelve months to collect in seven different EU countries the required supporting signatures given by one million citizens having all them the right to vote in the European elections, before the European Commission can set itself to fully consider and study it.

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Author: RCAT Web Team
Translation: JJTN