Talks on autonomy management, cannot delay the process towards independence


Author: RCAT National Executive Council

Reagrupament urges CiU, ERC and CUP to set an agreement to found the Catalan State

Keeps unconditional support to president Mas and offers any assistance necessary to help ensure the viability of the process

RCAT´s National Executive Council meeting, held in Barcelona on Saturday, December 1st., after analyzing the results of 25th November elections, wishes to congratulate the clear winner of these elections, President Artur Mas. It deserves to be noted that, for the first time ever, his formation, CiU, came to an election campaign with a program including a Catalan State demand. Therefore, the 50 seats obtained are clearly in favor of our Nation’s Independence.

Support provided to Artur Mas by RCAT comes from our understanding that the process to independence should be reinforced. Also the type of government emerged from it, appeals to the political responsibility of everyone, because the governability of the country must be the task of all those who are committed to the freedom of Catalonia. Therefore, RCAT continues to support unconditionally President Mas and is available to assist in whatever is necessary to help ensure the viability and success of the process.

RCAT understands that autonomy -home rule- has not been in recent years, is not and won’t be a valuable tool to overcome the current economic crisis, and that to manage it is impossible because of the systmatic fiscal and economic choke carried out by Spain.

Therefore, RCAT does not contemplate the process of Independence to be delayed or truncated by any discussion about how to manage the autnomous crumbs that everyone agrees that neither are nor can be a solution to anything.

RCAT calls, therefore, for an understanding between those political forces in favour of the Catalan state. We are now at a key moment in the independence process and the time has come for these forces to place the country’s interests ahead of their legitimate party interests. As a consequence, it is imperative that those parties with representation in the Parliament of Catalonia, CiU, ERC and CUP, totalling 74 seats out of 135, to reach an agreement aimed at ensuring tha Catalan state.

RCAT is convinced that this agreement is possible, since according to its transversal character, it has sealed different agreements with all those three forces in different political, territorial and institutional scenarios.

Finally, RCAT  emphasizes that, as highlighted by the global media , the outcome of these elections has made it possible, that in the Parliament of Catalonia, today there are more MPCs for a referendum on self-determination than before, and that unionism has lost one seat, even though the triumphalist readings of Spanish media. Conditions are meet, therefore, for Catalonia to move towards building its own state through the exercise of the right to decide. Also for above mentioned political parties to agree to do so. RCAT understands that our role as a tranversal association as we are, should be to foster this agreement in coming months.

The Future is Ours!

(Translation: EM)