Spanish Education Reform Would Suit Dictator Franco

Parents, teachers, civil society and Catalan government all oppose Spanish Education minister Wert’s education reform.

Catalan education association Somescola considers the Wert education reform made public yesterday would be in keeping with the times of the anti-Catalan Franco regime.

The Catalan education platform Somescola considers the educational reform put forward by Spanish minister José Ingacio Wert is inspired by Franco epoch classrooms. “This law takes us back to a pre-democratic past”, says the collective, which has called Catalonia to rally in defence of Catalan schooling, accusing the Spanish Popular Party government of assailing Catalan language immersion in schools and of “doctrinal control” in education. “The gravity of this is enormous as never before had they proposed wiping out thirty-five years of Catalan democratic schooling”, said the association.

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