President Mas will sustain the self determination referendum since Catalan new Parliament has an independentist majority


Source: RCAT Web Team

Despite a 12 seats loss, President Mas is ready to lead the process to ensure a democratic consult though he will need “support from others

Catalan president, Mr. Artur Mas, asserted at the Majestic hotel, CiU’s general headquarters on the elections day, that he had listened to the people’s will that was clearly uttered through ballots last Sunday. A will, he said, that didn’t give him the “exceptional majority” he was asking for CiU so as to go on with a democratic process that he also considers to be both necessary and “exceptional”.

The interpretation made by his nationalist coalition of the elections results that gave him 50 seats instead of the 62 he had before states that “voters want us to go on in the company of some others”. In this sense, Mas says CiU will lead the new government but he admits, at the same time, they have not all the necessary strength and so they should not be the only responsible group of the country’s government.

The political parties which agree on Catalonia having a self determination referendum during the next mandate sum up 87 MPs (CiU: 50; ERC: 21; ICV: 13; CUP: 3) while the federalist alternative (PSC) has only got 20 MPs; all the other parties defending Catalonia’s present status quo within Spain have just got 28 MPs (PP:19; C’s:9). Besides, the two major groups of the Catalan Parliament, CiU and ERC (with a large majority of 71 MPs) are clearly committed to hold a democratic process of self determination so as to allow Catalan people to decide on their future.