BBC – Viewpoints: Independence for Catalonia

The Spanish region of Catalonia holds elections this weekend that could set the stage for a referendum on independence. Prominent figures in the region give us their opinions on the choice which may soon face their fellow Catalans.

Alfred Bosch, MP, ERC + RCat + CatSí

In the last few years the drive for independence has gained momentum due to three main factors. First are the grassroots movements for self-determination, with popular referenda which started in 2009, and culminated in Barcelona (where I was the spokesperson). This involved over 50,000 volunteers and one million voters, and set the stage for the giant demonstration on 11 September 11 this year – organised by people who had set up the referenda. This movement is non-ethnic, and based mainly on democratic principles and collective rights.

Secondly, the Spanish government has played a major role in blocking Catalan demands – like during the process which led to the dilution of the Home Rule Charter (Estatu) of 2006, turned down by the Spanish Supreme Court after it had been voted for by the people.

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