With Spain, Catalonia is doomed to failure

Catalan memories are dismal and our identity is battered, but it is the strain on our pocketbook that has exhausted our patience.

Should Catalonia be an independent state? The answer to the question why brings us back to the other question: why not? In other words, is there a single state that wants to stop being a state? Naturally, we live in a world of shared sovereignties and Europe is a big laboratory. But even with this necessary interdependency, being interdependent while sitting in your own seat is not the same thing as being so in your neighbour’s seat.

For some time now Catalonia hasn’t had a seat of its own in the community of nations, in Spain, or in Catalonia itself. In spite of the fact that Spain is a decentralised state, the Catalan people do not have the sovereignty to implement their own policies to fight unemployment, to have their own tax model, or to tackle the knotty issue of immigration itself – none of the above. And that with the aggravating circumstance that we are an economy with a large network of small- and medium-sized businesses requiring specific economic policies. Our present and future are at the mercy of decisions that run counter to our main interests.

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