“Thanks for a vote for the country”, Artur Mas to Reagrupament


Author: GTIR

Mr. Artur Mas, the incumbent President of Catalonia, and candidate to the reelection, thanks to Reagrupament Independentista (RCAT), for its electoral support. Mr. Mas, who is commited to held a consult of self-deteremination in the next four years, has send an article to RCAT’s bulletin, La Veu, where he praises RCAT generosity. “I am fully aware that“, Mr. Mas writes, “it is not a vote for Artur Mas or Convergència i Unió, but a vote for a country, a firm and trusted vote for the conquest of a more free future“.

In the picture, Mmrss. Artur Mas and Joan Carretero, RCAT President, at the end of last Sunday central meeting in Barcelona.

Mr. Mas contribution to La Veu, is now being translated, and will be posted in this web soon.