How to declare independence?

“Secession from Spain will probably require a break-up action by declaring independence in the parliament with a wide democratic support.”

One of the symptoms that reflect our politicians, scholars and intellectuals do not see with such good eyes the idea of secession, is precisely the lack of a debate in regards to which procedures we should put in place to become a free estate democratically. Not only after the massive demonstration in Barcelona last September 11th, have Catalans not yet seen a clear and consistent road-map to independence, with a proper comparative analysis that contributes to reinforce the legitimacy of our ambition.

I beg the reader to forgive me for the vanity of  my complain, but I was one of the first authors to try to respond to the various uncertainties that are now appearing in regards to Catalonia’s independence, also from the legal perspective. I did talk about this topic extensively in my book Independence and reality (La independència i la realitat- Moll, Ciutat de Mallorca, 2004), as well as it was mentioned in my essay New states and the democratic principle(Nous estats i principi democratic- Angle CETC, Barcelona 2009), which has a more technical approach. Both of my contributions have been despised by academic scholars; however, if instead my texts would have been discussed, I believe they would have saved themselves the professional failure of investing decades into political science and public law, but still not having an opinion about the remarkable change of constitutional structure that our nation will be undertaking soon.

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