What the elections in Catalonia are really about

The reasons behind the November 25 election and its significance for Catalonia and beyond

Catalans are called to the polls on November 25 to choose a new regional government, but this election is not just a local event. A lot will hang on its outcome, and not only for Catalonia. Whatever Catalans decide may have far-reaching consequences for the future configuration of the Spanish state, or even its continuity. And there could also be significant ramifications for the European project.

International media have been following events in Catalonia with growing interest, especially since the pro-independence rally of last September 11. On that day 1.5 million people marched in Barcelona in a show of national dignity and civic responsibility –not a single incident was reported and not a single pane of glass was broken– and the world suddenly became aware of a conflict that is not characterized by violence or terrorism but driven by the quiet strength of an old nation.

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