Fearless businessmen to a boycott


First published: 12.11.2012

Source: e-notícies

Spaniards don´t buy from us because we’re nice, but because we’re better“, Jordi Plana

Girona businessman Mr. Jordi Plana has predicted that the Spanish market “will be residual for many years to come”. Mr. Plana is Spenta and Beezy software firms founder and is a frequent speaker for Microsoft. He denies any likelihood of a boycott by Spanish companies against Catalan products: “Spaniards buy from us because we’re better, not because we’re nice, but because we’re better.”

Together with businessmen Vicenç Pedret and Jordi Cuixart, Mr Plana spoke at “Empresaris i Estat propi” (“Businessmen and Own State”), an event organised by Fundació Catalunya Oberta. He predicted that Spain “will become the new periphery”.

Plana said that he has had to register his company in San Francisco because “when clients heard that we were a Spanish company, they stopped returning our calls and emails”.

The Girona businessman called upon all Catalan entrepreneurs to display “greater influence and commitment”. He added that  “It is high time we took off our mask and started leading from the forefront of the march”, before encouraging businesspeople to looks for new business opportunities abroad.

None of the three businessmen showed any concern about a possible boycott by Spain against Catalan products. For instance, 70% of Busy’s turnover is from exports, “80% if you regard Spain as a foreign country”, he concluded.

(Translation: FM)