Daily Record – Don’t believe the leaders who’ve taken us for fuels

Despite the fact a secret report stated Scotland would become one of the world’s richest nations thanks to oil, the country now faces more pain at the pumps.

Can we really be threatened with yet another pump price rise from the Westminster government?

We already pay the highest fuel and heating bills in Europe – despite being an energy-rich nation.

You need to go back to 1974 to understand why we are so powerless.

That’s when the British government commissioned a report on the then newly discovered North Sea oil and its economic implications for Scotland.

The document packed such a punch it was stamped “secret” and locked away for 30 years.

It was written by Professor Gavin McCrone against the backdrop of a rising SNP and growing support for independence.

Professor McCrone said an independent Scotland would be among the world’s richest nations, with a budget surplus so large it would be “embarrassing”.

The SNP at the time claimed that North Sea oil would earn £800 million a year for the government by 1980.

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