We have a dream

Artur Mas has called an election to organise, if the new parliamentary majority so decides, a referendum on independence. Sounds reasonable and civilised, doesn’t it? Maybe to you, but some leading politicians and newspapers, most of them owing their allegiance—or actually based—elsewhere, are not sympathetic to the idea, and talk of applying the penal code to our leaders, of confiscating our taxes, of taking over our political institutions, of even calling in the military. Some see independence as an impending catastrophe (which means they at least think it is possible). That same group says that we would be expelled from the European Union and would never ever (the expression is a minister’s) be readmitted. They say industry would collapse because our firms would lose what is, overall, a quarter of their sales. You don’t believe me? Well, read the papers, and especially some written in Spanish.

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