Catalan independence, the latest poll

Three or four times a year, the Catalan government conducts a wide-ranging survey of political opinion based on a sample of 2,500 people. The most recent was published yesterday:

Baròmetre d’Opinió Política, November 2012

The most interesting question is how people would vote in a referendum on Catalan independence. These are the new figures, together with those for the end of June this year:

If a referendum on the independence of Catalunya were to be held tomorrow, what would you do?

Vote for independence  57.0% (was 51.1%)
Vote against independence  20.5%  (was 21.1%)
Abstain   14.3%  (was 21.1%)
Other responses 0.6%  (was 1.0%)
Don’t know 6.2% (was 4.7%)
Won’t say 1.5%  (was 1.1%)

Question 39, page 26

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