The process towards independence

Since the Constitutional Court passed down sentence against the 2006 Statute ofCatalonia, political relations between Catalonia and Spain, as defined in the 1979Statute, have entered a stage of growing conflict, with provocations hithertounheard of in terms of both strength and lack of respect, whilst Catalonia is legallydefenceless to respond to such attacks. On the legal front, for example, we shouldmention the sentences that undermine the successful and absolutely conflict-freeCatalan model of language immersion. In the political sphere, there is a systematicinvasion of powers.

With regard to the economy, not only is the manifestly unjustfiscal situation maintained, but there are constant campaigns aimed at stirring upanti-Catalan feelings, often openly xenophobic, in the media and public opinion.We note a clear regression in terms of democratic quality and the guarantees thatthe Spanish State should provide to the Catalan people.In short, the experiment in autonomous government has come to an end by theexpress will of a weakened Spanish State that is on the defensive. The politicalconsequence of all this is a dramatic reduction in the objective capacity of theCatalan people to autonomously govern their own destiny. In this light, theindependence of Catalonia can be seen as an opportunity to recover politicalinitiative and implement a process of democratic regeneration based ontransparency and accountability, establishing an effective division of powers and aflexible and efficient administrative system.

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