Anti-independence parties plot to expel independent Scotland and Catalonia from the EU

Politicians from anti-independence parties from Scotland and Spain are to meet in order to agree a formal collaboration aimed at co-ordinating arguments against an independent Scotland and Catalonia remaining members of the European Union.

According to the newspaper El Periódico de Catalunya, a senior figure in the Spanish Conservative party, the Partido Popular (PP), will fly to Scotland to meet with Scottish Conservative and Labour politicians in order to agree a united front against independence.

The newspaper has revealed that Esteban González Pons, the PP’s Vice-Secretary of Studies and Programmes, will meet with unnamed Labour and Tory representatives in December.

The meeting follows negotiations conducted between Mr González Pons and senior figures in the Conservative party during the party’s October conference in Birmingham.  December’s trip is expected to see the finalising of discussions before the signing of an accord that was reached at the conference.

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