Future is ours, Joan Carretero

This last Sep 11, hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated unequivocally in the streets of Barcelona their will to obtain statehood for Catalonia, eventually achieving what should be normal for all nations of the world. Unexpectedly to many, the President of the Generalitat listened to the claim of the people and assumed the leadership of this endeavour. At the same time he exhausted the quest for the fiscal pact, clearly a chimera taking the current Spanish context into account.

Immediately after, Artur Mas committed himself to make steps to provide Catalonia with its own state during the next term, with no other restriction that the will of the people. On Nov 25, the population of Catalonia will have to answer whether they want to live in their own country, a free state in the community of free nations of the world, a required condition to overcome the current economic crisis and become a land of high standards, able to provide its citizens with the quality of life they require, or else if they want it to continue agonizing as an autonomy, with neither regulatory capacity nor the ability to meet the demands of economic well-being of its citizens. A people eternally condemned to manage without adequate infrastructures and public services, like education or public health.

I would propose a question: Who in Catalonia can lead the process to self government? It is clear that only the President of the Generalitat can do it, given the current circumstances. More so if we take into account he has also proclaimed his will to do it. The second issue we must contemplate is: What are the circumstances that will allow him to definitely push the process forward? Only an undeniable support from the people of Catalonia will provide him with the necessary momentum.

The manifestation on Sep 11 and the subsequent actions of the President have put Catalonia and the coming elections under the spotlight of international media for the first time since long. International attention is focused almost exclusively in one aspect; whether the people will largely support president Mas, the man who is leading the march towards Catalonia independence. All other issues, including those that have been traditionally considered important from a local perspective are almost irrelevant from an international point of view.

Clearly, the present article has been written by somebody who wants Catalonia to become a free state as early as possible. However, there also are those who don’t want this possibility to come true under any circumstances. What do the enemies of Catalan independence want to happen on the night of Nov 25 2012? What do the components of the Spanish government, the members of the PSOE, Messrs. Bono, Rodriguez Ibarra, Mayor Oreja, Guerra, Gonzalez, Aznar and many others want? What is the desired result for those who see Catalonia as an anomaly that should be ‘fixed’? What outcome do want Ms. ChacĂłn, SĂĄnchez-Camacho, Messrs. Montilla, Rivera, Boadella and all the other Catalans who want Catalonia permanently under the Spanish yoke?

The answer to all these questions is elementary: All these people, all of them without exception, want the results of Nov 25 to be a disaster for the President of the Generalitat. They all want him to fail. They don’t mind traditional independentist parties obtaining a fair amount of seats. All they know is that only a very strong Artur Mas can lead this process to fruition.

In spite of certain opinions, it is not true that a weakened Artur Mas and a reinforced group of pro-independence parties will strengthen the process towards Catalan state. On the contrary, the leader must emerge as strong as possible because, as you can already see, the most ruthless attacks will be aimed at him.

All those who have no other interest but Catalonia, who believe parties are just political tools rather than payroll-supplying entreprises, who are convinced that we must first have a State and politics will come later, those who have sacrificed many years of our lives pursuing a dream, must be aware we are at a historic crossroads, that old grudges won’t lead us anywhere and that we must decide at this precise moment whether we will help our country to join the community of states as a full member or else send it to a dead track for a long time.

I want an independent Catalonia. That’s why, on Nov 25, I have the moral duty to vote for Artur Mas, president of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

Joan Carretero
President, Reagrupament Independentista